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Serverless from Scratch #3

Chapter 3: S3’s Super Speedy Static Site Serving In the last chapter, we set up the infrastructure for a serverless backend, running Python code in AWS Lambda. While we could use this to host an entire site, rendering HTML pages from our Python code, it’s a bit of a waste. It’s slower, more error-prone, and costlier than just using static site hosting. Luckily for us, S3 has features catered directly towards serving static websites.

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Serverless from Scratch #2

Chapter 2: Sam-I-Am It’s time to get acquainted with the SAM: the AWS Serverless Application Model. SAM gives us a couple different things which will be helpful in building our application. One, it gives us a infrastructure description language built on top of AWS CloudFormation, but with some nice shortcuts specifically created for serverless apps. AWS CloudFormation allows us to create repeatable, templated deployments called “stacks” with well-defined rollback semantics for when things go wrong.

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Serverless from Scratch #1

Chapter 1: Introduction This blog series is a walkthrough of the incremental development process of a serverless application developed specifically for Amazon Web Services. I’m going to build a YouTube-like site with the goal of having to maintain zero servers. The idea is to go from an empty directory to a full-blown scalable serverless service, with all the bells and whistles like monitoring and continuous deployment. The entire project will be documented both as a series of blog posts and as a Git repository, so you can follow along through the development process.

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