>>> import schlarp.chaz



wonkey is a Python web service for image sharing with encryption at rest. I built it for use with ShareX, a very nice open source screenshot capture tool. It uses the Fernet cryptosystem from the cryptography library to encrypt and decrypt stored data on the fly from a per-file key encoded in each file’s URL. Check out wonkey on GitHub. Here’s an example of a file hosted on my personal

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alexa is a Python library that interfaces with and automates various services related to Amazon Alexa/Echo. The API isn’t stable at the moment, but it has working code for speech synthesis and use of the Alexa Voice Service v1. Check out alexa on GitHub. Unfortunately, my employer requested that I get a formal review of this package before releasing it to the public. I’ve pulled down the GitHub repo in the meantime, pending me caring enough to get the project reviewed.


Popcorn was a pair of attempts to get synchronized video streaming and playback state across multiple clients using video files local to the server. Think twitch.tv, but for movies. Turns out this is actually pretty hard to do properly. I’d like to revisit this at some point. Popcorn 1.0 Popcorn 2.0


This is a server-side Minecraft Forge plugin for Minecraft 1.6.4 to support the MineTicket API. Made for the AlienMC server. Available on GitHub.

Steam Emotifier

Image to convert: Your Steam community ID Blend color (advanced) Emote name weight (advanced) (Note: currently not wired up on this new site. Will be fixed soon.) What is this? This tool converts small (32x32 or less) images into arrays of emotes on Steam based on the ones you own. Select an image file, enter your community ID (AKA custom URL, e.g. if your profile is steamcommunity.com/id/whatever then your ID is “whatever”), and submit to get the closest color match to your image.

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(Note: SeriousCast was broken by a SiriusXM backend update in November 2015. It has not been updated to work with the new backend.) SeriousCast is a client for SiriusXM Internet Radio which rebroadcasts the radio streams through the SHOUTcast protocol. It contains a working implementation of the authentication and encryption protocols used by the SiriusXM web player with the aim of providing interoperability with standard internet radio streaming clients. SeriousCast does not bypass SiriusXM’s login protocols, so you will need valid credentials to use this application.

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Revival Book

Revival Book is a small Forge mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 intended to create a better experience for cooperative or faction-based (Ultra) Hardcore multiplayer servers. In particular, it was developed for personal use with the Feed the Beast “Ultra Hard Survival” pack, which is a modpack with difficult enemies and no natural health regeneration. The problem with running a Hardcore multiplayer server is, of course, that the number of living players will steadily decrease.

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TF2 Configs

(Note: these are old and crufty and probably don’t fully reflect the state of the game at this point. Your mileage may vary.) I (used to) maintain a fairly comprehensive set of config files for Team Fortress 2 for my personal use. On occasion, I need to share a particular part of them with someone. To make this easier, I’ve decided to keep my latest (or as long as I remember to update them) copy of the configs available here for public use.

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TF2 Server Browser

This is an alternative server browser for TF2 (and potentially other Source games in the future) that supports advanced filtering, including numerical ranges and filter negation. It is written in Python 3, and uses the CherryPy web framework to expose a user interface. It’s currently under development and is coming “soon” (read: whenever I optimize it so it isn’t dog slow) almost certainly never.