>>> import schlarp.chaz


(Note: SeriousCast was broken by a SiriusXM backend update in November 2015. It has not been updated to work with the new backend.)

SeriousCast is a client for SiriusXM Internet Radio which rebroadcasts the radio streams through the SHOUTcast protocol. It contains a working implementation of the authentication and encryption protocols used by the SiriusXM web player with the aim of providing interoperability with standard internet radio streaming clients. SeriousCast does not bypass SiriusXM’s login protocols, so you will need valid credentials to use this application.

SeriousCast exposes a web interface which allows you to browse all channels available on SiriusXM, stream in the browser using the VLC browser plugin, and download PLS files to load into any internet radio client that supports SHOUTcast. It also allows the user to “time-shift” a few hours back into the channel’s history, as seen in the official SiriusXM web client.

SeriousCast on GitHub