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Revival Book

Revival Book is a small Forge mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 intended to create a better experience for cooperative or faction-based (Ultra) Hardcore multiplayer servers. In particular, it was developed for personal use with the Feed the Beast “Ultra Hard Survival” pack, which is a modpack with difficult enemies and no natural health regeneration. The problem with running a Hardcore multiplayer server is, of course, that the number of living players will steadily decrease. This mod introduces a method by which a dedicated player can resurrect a fallen comrade through a significant investment of resources.

By crafting an Enchanted Golden Apple (the one made with Blocks of Gold - 72 ingots!) with a Book, you can create the Revival Book. Simply right-click with the book in your hand to get a list of dead players on your Hardcore server. Choose a player and click the “Revive” button to unban them from the server. The revived player will also be teleported to the location where you used the Revival Book, and will have 3 hearts when they log in.

This mod is open source and licensed under the MIT license, so feel free to redistribute or modify it.

Download v1.0.0 for Minecraft 1.5.2